I am a voyeur. Others seem unaware of the things I see so, it isn’t any wonder that photography is my passion. With a camera, one can capture moments that will never be again, slivers of the universe, full of light, color and humanity.
My first 35mm camera was a gift from my mother and father. As a sophomore in high school I left behind my beloved tennis racket to pursue journalism. In the school darkroom, I spent hours and hours developing black and white prints of athletes suited up on courts, tracks and sidelines. Image after image eased into being in those cool, liquid baths, gifting me with memories and time suspended.
After graduation I put the camera on the highest shelf in the closet and ran off to college and new experiences. Like most people, I walked the miles with blinders on for many years, caught up in working, bill paying and mourning long lost dreams. I can’t say I have ever worked at anything I truly, passionately love but I have always truly and passionately loved photographing the world as I see it. With the rise of digital photography came a renewed interest and a way of seeing and being wide awake in the world.
I am once again the voyeur….
My partner and I live in beautiful, Oregon and there is no shortage of forests, mountains and ocean beaches to photograph. I do, of course, love exploring nature with camera in hand. But, I am completely energized by urban photography. I love to roam the streets observing and capturing people and places as they are, without posing or pretense. I also have a thing for rust! The rustier and crustier it is, the more I’m drawn to it. All in all, I suppose my eye tends to be drawn to the subtle details. Those things that make the world what it is, even though most people don’t take a lot of notice, until they see it in a photograph.
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